Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A sneak peek...

This time of year is always exciting in our offices as the new fall titles will be rolling off the presses soon. As usual, we have an array of unique titles, formats and themes in the pipeline that are close to being sent off for the manufacturing phase.

Of course, in addition to new titles, we are constantly restocking inventory of titles that are either out of print or very low on inventory. A good example of this is Dip Into Something Different which will be going to press for the 4th time in either September or early October, as well as The Bells are Ringing--A Call to Table from Mission San Juan Capistrano which is in its 3rd printing.

Here's a "sneak preview" of what’s on tap for a few of our new titles to be released this fall.

Junior League of San Francisco: San Francisco Entertains celebrates 100 years of the San Francisco Junior League with glorious food from the Bay Area, gorgeous food photography, incomparable scenic photography, historical vignettes, wine pairings, food tips and much more. It is this year's must have book, whether you are remembering or hope to visit one of the world's greatest cities.

Junior League of Wilmington, North Carolina: The sequel to the highly successful Seaboard to Sideboard cookbook, Seaboard to Sideboard Entertains invites the reader to enjoy the beauty of the North Carolina coast throughout the year with great party invitations and ideas, menus, easy recipes, and entertaining tips for every month of the year.

Betty Sims, popular cooking teacher and unparalleled party giver,, is back by consumer demand with the third in her Scrumptious series, Southern Scrumptious Favorites. Betty's ability to take you successfully through the preparation of her delicious recipes, creative menus, and party ideas along with her entertaining stories and beautiful original art make the book a great read as well as an indispensible resource.

After 100 years of serving Galveston's best seafood to thousands, Gaido's is celebrating its centennial with a great new cookbook by Chef Casey Gaido, the 4th generation of the founding Gaido's. Secret recipes, a chef's way with care in preparation, and the delicious results along with beautiful food photography and years of restaurant "family" photographs and stories make this elegant cookbook one of this year's best.

Each of these titles will serve a different community and need. Whether building a brand, raising funds for a non-profit or simply creating a fun project for staff, team and volunteers, a community cookbook is one sure way to succeed.

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