Monday, September 27, 2010

Take a trip to San Francisco...

San Francisco is one of the GREATEST cities in the US--it has architecture, restaurants, water, bridges, fun and eclectic neighborhoods, trolly trains and lots of hills. It is an exciting urban atmosphere.

If I were visiting San Francisco today, the one thing I would return home with would be a copy of San Francisco Entertains. This new cookbook published by the Junior Leaue of San Francisco is amazing. While the overall look of the book, including the gorgeous photography of both food and scenes of the city is amazing, it is the recipes that quickly catch your attention.

I took a copy home over the weekend and we tried out the Sweet Curried Mustard Chicken--WOW! My daughter and her husband had just flown back to the US from their honeymoon and were starving since they hadn't eaten since breakfast. Let me just say that there was no chicken left when the meal was finished.

The look of the book is very soft as the text, including the photos was printed on offset paper rather than a coated paper. Therefore the photos don't "pop" quite as much and yet the look is very excuisite. It has a "richness" to it that is difficult to describe.

The recipes are quite varied and provide a nice level of sophistication with a nice west coast feel. If you visit San Francisco, be sure to pick up a copy. If you can't visit anytime soon, you should contact the Junior League there and order a copy--you will be glad that you did.


  1. I tried the Sparkling Fogcutter from this book and was quite pleased. It’s like a mimosa, but with puréed fresh strawberries and just a little sugar. We actually tried a variation they listed and used fresh watermelon instead of the strawberries; it was a very light and refreshing treat to sip out on the deck. There's also a recipe for Baked Goat Cheese Salad that I'm eager to try. I think it would be perfect when the weather gets a little cooler, which is finally happening…maybe I’ll have to try it this weekend! I’ve never been to San Francisco, but so many of these recipes sound tasty that maybe I’ll have to make the trip!

  2. No doubt you will want to go and visit if you buy this cookbook--SF is a great city, very romantic, the best walking city in the US and fabulous food everwhere.